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Environmental & General Liability


Insurance Coverage Exclusive to NACD Members – Going Beyond Industry Standards

Designed exclusively for National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) Members, the NACD Insurance Edge combines General Liability, Pollution Liability and Auto Liability into a single packaged insurance offering.  Leveraging AIG’s leading Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) form, Axon’s dedicated insurance professionals provide brokers and insureds with creative, comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions.

Axon is a Program Administrator for:

AIG has a 20 year relationship with NACD and is a Diamond Sponsor of NACD

In an effort to strengthen AIG’s commitment to and support of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), AIG formed a new partnership with Axon Underwriting Services (Axon). Under this agreement, Axon will dedicate its experienced environmental underwriting resources to the administration of EAGLE and EAGLE Excess products for members of NACD exclusively. This new Program Administration agreement creates a specialized insurance team with the expertise needed to continue providing our brokers and clients with creative, competitive and comprehensive insurance solutions.

NACD Membership Coverage Benefits:

Additional 10% credit applied to EAGLE Premium
Reimbursement of your Responsible Distribution fee over the three year period up to $5,400
NACD Member specific coverage enhancements

Key Coverage Features:

Misdelivery of Insured Products Coverage
Product Recall Expense Coverage
Blanket Non-Owned Locations
Third-Party Carriers of Transported Cargo Coverage
On-site Cleanup Coverage
Low Pollution Deductibles
Limits up to $25,000,000

Axon Program Underwriters:

Leverage chemical industry knowledge to address exposures unique to NACD Members
Dedicate underwriting to only NACD Member companies with complete underwriting authority
Provide ultra-responsive access to AIG’s A-rated policy forms and expert claims resources
Collaborate with NACD leadership to create coverage solutions for developing exposures

Claims Expertise:

AIG Environmental’s claims operation, with 80+ claims specialists, is the largest in the industry. The depth and breadth of the operation means devoted expertise to environmental claims of all types.
Nationwide Network for Immediate Response

PIER (Pollution Incident & Environmental Response):

Provides all insureds with around the clock emergency response services
Each provider within the PIER network has been rigorously vetted and pre-qualified
Pre-negotiated discounted rates for a network of: Emergency response contractors, disaster recovery and restoration forms, environmental consultants, industrial hygienists, waste disposal firms, and investigative services ready to assist during every stage of an environmental incident


Allows a company to act swiftly to mitigate losses and prevent reputational damages by providing immediate access to funds needed to expedite recovery in the event of a potentially catastrophic environmental crisis.
Provides up to $250,000 additional limits outside of the policy limit
Covered expenses may include temporary living expenses, travel expenses, psychological counselling, medial and funeral expenses.
  • Misdelivery of Insured Products Coverage
  • Product Recall Expense Coverage
  • Third-Party Carriers of Transported Cargo Coverage
  • On-site Cleanup Coverage
  • Low Pollution Deductibles
  • Limits up to $25,000,000

The following is a representative list of the typical risks associated with chemical distribution operations:

  • Accidental release from railcar or truck
  • Bulk hazardous chemicals stored near incompatible chemicals
  • Chemical release from drums or tanks resulting in release to the soil, groundwater, waterways, or air
  • Containment of chemical loading and unloading areas
  • Gradual release from Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) or Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) resulting in chemical release and contamination of groundwater
  • Hazardous materials transport
  • Improper abandonment of USTs
  • Improper abandonment of USTs
  • Deficient training programs resulting in environmental exposures to workers and to the environment
  • Incompatible container used to store chemicals resulting in a release
  • Pipeline to tank farm potentially corroding and leaking
  • Secondary containment failure


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